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As entrepreneurs with successful (and failed) start-ups ranging from large corporate e-commerce spin-outs down to small SME technology start-ups, we know the issues an entrepreneur faces first hand and how to priorities and focus on what matters most to get your idea to market. 

If you would like to have an initial assessment of your investment readiness or believe you are ready to move to the fundraising phase please book an appointment for a free no obligation initial meeting:

Meet investors

Investment Readiness Assessment

Do you have the basics in place? A clear business idea or concept; robust business plan; credible management team; access to experienced advisers.

Pre-revenue or post revenue?  What are your investment requirements;?There are many aspects to getting ready to launch your business - some are common and some are unique to your business. We will help you identify and strengthen the weaknesses to get you investment ready.


Create the Fundraising Plan 

How much capital do you need? What's your projected cash runway requirement? What type of investor are you looking for?  What type of investors would be interested in you?  What are investors investment criteria likely to be?  What is investor sentiment like generally and in your target sector? What will excite them? What will switch them off? Is Crowdfunding an option? As these and other questions are answered, so you can plan a targeted fund raising campaign with confidence. 


Executing a Successful Fund Raise 

Once the basics are all in place and there is a clear fund raising plan, the move to execution may involve the use of investment brokers who are generalists or may specialise in your target sector.  Understanding your target investors and the required fundraising campaign requires both experience and drive. The campaign that has to be carefully marketed at your investors, and can make or break a funding round.  Consistency of messaging and communication professionalism are paramount in pitching the investment, PR, the use of videos and  social media.  CSA International has significant experience and a successful track record in raising funding in both buoyant and depressed markets. 

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