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We aim to help entrepreneurs and start-ups understand the expectations of early stage or seed investors.

We assess the readiness to pursue equity or other investment and provide preliminary recommendations on how to improve chances of gaining investor interest. 

Following this meeting, we can decide if CSA can help you plan and execute your raise.

Having decided to proceed with a fund raise, you can book a working session and we'll help you develop a full fundraising plan that takes up to 4 hours.


We charge a nominal fee for this support and you'll leave with a plan that you can develop and implement yourself or consider working with CSA to support the entire fund raising process.

Click below to book a 45 min. introductory no obligation meeting on Teams to discuss your funding requirements

Executing the Fund Raise

The most challenging phase

Once the business is investment ready, the next step is to execute. We have successful experience in raising capital in a wide range of circumstances including emergency funding.

In most cases offer to act on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis depending on the circumstances and anticipated challenges.

Fees negotiable

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