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For investors

At CSA International Limited, we specialize in connecting high net worth individuals, family offices, venture capital and private equity firms with investment opportunities through our international network of industry advisers and consultants.


Please fill out our short Investor Form so that we can find the right opportunities to fit your investment criteria.

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Target Investment Sectors

Automotive Supply Chain

Over 30 years experience of working in the automotive supply chain for Tier 1 through Tier 3 suppliers. Power train, wheels and accessories and safety systems.


Renewable Power Generation and Storage

Start-up experience primarily in solar and energy storage, batteries and hydrogen, supplemented by over 10 years in utility power generation systems and electro-mechanical equipment. 


Industrial Process Engineering 

Wide experience in industrial food process engineering, automation and plant optimisation, both consulting and executive management.


SME Engineering and Technology

Undertaken start-ups, turnrounds and M&A in advanced materials based design and manufacturing businesses.  

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