CSA International in Asia Pacific

CSA International has extensive experience gained from over 27 years of operating in Asia Pacific, with particular expertise on operating in China, Japan and South East Asia.


CSA has invested in, advised to and managed on behalf of a wide range of industrial busineeses with operations in Asia Pacific, in particular China.

Through our group and associate ventures we now have our own factories and distribution and sales centres in China, as well as an extensive sourcing and procurement network of qualified vendors and the reources to research and qualify new vendors, based out of our office in Honqaio Business District in Shanghai.


We also have representataives and distirbutors in Tokyo and Osaka.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing into China in the industrial and consumer markets, especially in F&B, industrial products, nutrition and F&B sectors B2B/B2C.


Joint Ventures and Investments

CSA has extensive international experience in negotiating, setting up and operating joint ventures and WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises) with chinese partners and local management. 

Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing and qualification of vendors in China is a major headache for all companies. We have over 10 years experience in this field, and now established full time operations teams in China.


Commercial Due Diligence

We conduct research into prospective partners, and conduct prelliminary due diligence and more detailed due diligence and market research through our own and closely associated partners with researces in Shanghai, Singapore and London.

Operations Improvement

The CSA management team has extensive experience gained operating under performing businesses, and conducting turnarounds.